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Alt-Rehse, now still with music, now everything becomes pure

It took some time until the park in the NS model village Alt Rehse at the Tollensesee became again an attractive wellness place for needy visitors.

In 2006, a business lawyer from Bavaria bought the park for € 2 million, apparently he was then too busy with his change of consciousness and went bankrupt.

From 2016 then the businesswoman from Bavaria, she has probably succeeded:
“The history of the park should not be erased,” the investor is convinced. Instead, she wants to draw the good from the past and transform the bad, “so that the place comes to rest.”
How does a place come to rest? What can it mean?
The houses have been lavishly renovated, the park trimmed for the relaxed guests, a design concept put over it, and now?
Now hotel rooms can be booked or a vacation apartment with box-spring beds and a private sauna, and the esoteric chatter comes free of charge:
“Welcome to PARK AM SEE. Our nature paradise in the land of a thousand lakes. A place where deep closeness to nature is combined with quiet elegance. Embedded in a legendary landscape, settled and revered for thousands of years. A place to feel good and be free. For your personal rendezvous with nature. Simply arrive, switch off and recharge.”
We leave the pekuniäre topic times out of it – uh, there is by the way also Yoga at this Kraftort, in the Yogahalle, there met over 80 years ago already the physicians for their NS training courses for Euthanasie and selection, which they did not have yet, the under-floor heating and the “ultramodern acoustic plant” for the swing with the “Zumba”.

The park is no longer an insider’s tip, the advertising is on and, as is well known, everything goes better with music, and lo and behold, the Mecklenburg Festival is now also moving into the Reethalle, the former training building for Nazi racial policy:
Festival prize winner and Artistic Director of Krzyzowa Music Viviane Hagner will make music with other string players and a pianist, who will play pieces by composers Franz Schubert and Antonin Dvorák. 7.9.2022 NMZ

“Just arrive, switch off and recharge.”

For the “Natural Paradise Park Am See”, the castle park is a monument, but what should be remembered in this monument?
“The origin of the castle park in Alt Rehse goes back to the 19th century. At that time, the present park was a so-called forest pasture. Two mighty old oaks remind of this natural time at the shore of the Tollensesee. In 1897 Baron Ludwig von Hauff – related to the famous poet Wilhelm Hauff – bought the village estate Alt Rehse and had the park laid out and the “Schloss Lichtenstein” – in reality a manor house – built. Since then, the park and the village look back on a long and eventful history, which was shaped by very different ideologies. Before revitalization, the park was left to itself for many years and became overgrown.”
Revitalization – also a nice word, how can plants be revitalized? Either they grow as they please, or they are pruned and shaped to fit the park’s garden design – what’s vital about that?
And yes. the ideologies can be different, – sure is, the NS ideology shaped Alt Rehse completely: the village, the park, the buildings, everything was built for the medical training camp for NS doctors, there we rather emphasize the poet Wilhelm Hauff, who wrote with his novella Jud Süß the template for the most famous Jew-hater movie – but who knows and well, the ideologies …
So rather still more into the past, where it still vital and magically zuging, there was here the holy place of the west Slavs or perhaps a Germanic Kraftort- huch there becomes one nevertheless completely differently zumute in the soft Boxspirngbetten, it entwine themselves nevertheless so many “myths approximately around this region. One of them says that on the fishing island in the lake is the sanctuary of the Western Slavs, the legendary lost site of Rethra.”
The italicized texts are quoted from “A New Life for the Park by the Lake” + ” Park by the Lake”, the homepage of the park.

… on the history of the village of Alt Rehse until 2016:

The conversion of the Alt-Rehse estate into a German training camp for medical assassins was celebrated on June 1, 1935, with great fanfare, and the opening speech by R. Hess was broadcast by all radio stations.
Until 1943, this “Reich-wide” unique institution served the ideological training of German physicians, midwives, pharmacists as well as members of the health institutions.
A quarter of the young German physicians were mentally and physically “educated” in the center of Nazi eugenics and hoped for a career jump through their participation.
After liberation, the Soviet Army took over the facility, followed by the NVA and the Bundeswehr.
As a descendant of its predecessor organization during the Nazi era, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) asserted restitution claims in 1991 for the “NS Physicians’ Leadership School” as well as for the land and houses of the former Nazi model village. In years of litigation, the Alt-Rehser fought to avoid having to buy the houses from the KBV. In the end, KBV gave up because the costs of preservation were too high.
In 2006, a business lawyer from Bavaria bought the 65-hectare park with the old castle for €2 million.
The “Tollense Lebenspark” and the buildings are to be transformed into a place “where there is plenty of work and it is good to live”. The associated “Foundation Medicine and Conscience” promotes the “research (…) of the moving and moving history of the park”, otherwise people are invited to the “change of consciousness in the extensive nature and the many hidden power places” and to “spiritually, actively and financially help”.